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About SYS TEC electronic

SYS TEC electronic GmbH is an experienced system house for distributed automation technology. Our corporate headquarter as well as our production facility is based in Germany. Founded in 1990 we have gained over 20 years experience in the development of microcontroller systems and industrial communication. We develop and implement customized hard- and software solutions in accordance with the needs of our clients. All areas from development to production to shipping are certificated according to DIN EN ISO9001:2008.

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CANinterpreter - CAN Monitoring Software CANinterpreter
Our Price: $349.00
CANopen Chip-164CI CANopen I/O Node CANopen Chip-164CI
Our Price: $149.00
CANopen Chip-505 CANopen I/O Node CANopen Chip-505CA
Our Price: $84.00
CANopen Chip-F40 CANopen I/O Node CANopen Chip-F40
Our Price: $88.00
CANopen DeviceExplorer, emtas CANopen DeviceExplorer
Our Price: $999.00
CANopen Stack - CANopen Master & Slave Source Code CANopen Source Code
Our Price: $6,699.00
PLCmodule-C14 - Compact Low-Cost PLC module PLCmodule-C14
Our Price: $799.00
USB-CANmodul16 CAN bus to USB interface with 16 high-speed channels SYS TEC USB-CANmodul16
Our Price: $1,995.00
CAN to USB interface with 8 channnels SYS TEC USB-CANmodul8
Our Price: $1,095.00
sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X1 sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X1
Our Price: $299.00
sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X2 sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X2
Our Price: $289.00
sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X3 sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X3
Our Price: $289.00
sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X4 sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X4
Our Price: $349.00
CANopen IO Module with 8 Analog Inputs sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X5
Our Price: $399.00
sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X6 sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X6
Our Price: $369.00
sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X7 sysWORXX CANopen I/O-X7
Our Price: $459.00
CANopen IO Module with Digital Inputs & Outputs sysWORXX CANopen IO-C12
Our Price: $729.00