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About PEAK-System Technik

Founded in 1999, PEAK-System Technik is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for the industrial communication with emphasis on the fieldbuses CAN and LIN. The product range includes:

  • CAN FD, CAN/LIN interface modules for common PC hardware interfaces (PCI, cPCI, Mini PCI, PCI Express Mini, PCIe, PC/104, USB, PC Card, and ExpressCard)
  • CAN Diagnostics and serial bus test tools for analysis and education
  • CAN Gateway products
  • Configurable and programmable microcontroller hardware with CAN interfaces for individual developments, measurement data acquisition, and control applications
  • Various software products for Windows® 8, 7, Vista and Linux, used for diagnosis, monitoring, and influencing CAN and LIN networks
Since founding in 1999, Mr. Uwe Wilhelm is CEO. Since 2012, he is assisted by Mr. Alexander Gach as second CEO with equal rights.

Check out the current 2015 PEAK-System Technik Product Catalog here. PEAK-System Technik is certified per ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 (please click applicable term to view certificate).

PEAK is a pioneer in the introduction of the new CAN FD standard offering the first CAN FD to USB adapter hardware on the market. You can find the latest CAN FD product preview details here...

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  • CAN Hardware

    PEAK-System Technik manufactures a wide selection of quality CAN hardware products such as CAN bus converters, CAN cables, CAN I/O nodes and more. CAN products from PEAK are being used in a variety of applications, from automotive to industrial automation, factory control to energy distribution and many more.Talk to Phytools to find the product that is right for you or discuss product customization for OEM integration into your own system.
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PCAN-Router with D-Sub connector PCAN-Router w/ D-Sub
Our Price: $333.00
4 channel CAN bus router PCAN-Router Pro
Our Price: $695.00
PCAN-GPRS Link Platform PCAN-GPRS-Link
Our Price: $499.00
PCAN-LWL Fiber-optic Converter PCAN-LWL
Our Price: $979.00
PCAN-TJA1054 - CAN Low Speed Converter PCAN-TJA1054
Our Price: $135.00
PCAN-AU5790 Bus Converter | High-speed CAN to Single-wire CAN PCAN-AU5790
Our Price: $195.00
PCAN-B10011S Bus Converter | High-speed CAN to Truck TrailerCAN PCAN-B10011S
Our Price: $285.00
PCAN MicroMod CAN I/O Node PCAN-MicroMod
Our Price: $139.00
PCAN-MicroMod circuit board PCAN-MicroMod Digital 1
Our Price: $289.00
PCAN-MicroMod circuit board PCAN-MicroMod Digital 2
Our Price: $289.00
PCAN-MicroMod circuit board PCAN-MicroMod Mix1
Our Price: $269.00
PCAN-MicroMod circuit board in aluminum housing PCAN-MicroMod Mix 2
Our Price: $269.00
PCAN-MicroMod circuit board in aluminum housing PCAN-MicroMod Analog 1
Our Price: $289.00
CAN I/O node in aluminum housing PCAN-MicroMod Mix 3
Our Price: $369.00
Analog CAN I/O node PCAN-MicroMod Analog 2
Our Price: $399.00
Genuine PEAK PCAN T-Adapter PCAN T-Adapter
Our Price: $35.00
PEAK PCAN-Cable 3, CAN test cable PCAN-Cable 3
Our Price: $34.00
PCAN-Trace - CAN Data Logger PCAN-Trace Data Logger
Our Price: $379.00
PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 PCAN-FMS Simulator 2
Our Price: $799.00
PCAN-Developer Software PCAN-Developer License
Our Price: $2,214.00
Our Price: $499.00
Our Price: $299.00
CAN bus to USB Adapter with cable no optical isolation PCAN-USB Adapter
Our Price: $225.00
PCAN-pcCARD CAN-to-pcCARD Interface PCAN-PC Card (1ch/2ch)
Our Price: $259.00
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