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In launching Revolution Pi, Kunbus GmbH (Germany) has brought an open, modular and inexpensive industrial PC to the market that is based on the established Raspberry Pi. Equipped with Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the base module can be expanded seamlessly using appropriate I/O modules and fieldbus gateways depending on the specific application requirements.

Installed in a DIN rail housing, the base module of the Revolution Pi already has USB, Ethernet and HDMI connections. The base modules and expansion modules are supplied with 24 volts which is the norm in the industry.

In addition to revealing the circuit diagrams, Kunbus is rigorously pursuing the Open Source concept within the software. The established Raspbian operating system from Raspberry Pi, including the drivers for the expansion modules, are pre-installed. Using Raspbian ensures that basically any software or application running on Raspberry Pi will also run on Revolution Pi. Full root access allows obstacle-free programming and implementation of customized programs.

By cooperating with various software manufacturers, Kunbus provides inexpensive and powerful control and SCADA software for users preferring off-the-peg software solutions. As a result, Revolution Pi can be developed into an industrially viable small control system.

Kunbus aims to provide a tool with Revolution Pi enabling companies to offer new sales opportunities, such as for example Cloud Services. Revolution Pi enables the development of business models and services that open up new markets. Value added chains of companies using Revolution Pi can be shifted significantly. An online forum networks Revolution Pi developers and users from all over the world. Problem, solutions and suggestions for improvements can be exchanged quickly, openly and easy.

Review the RevPi Data Sheet and Product Brochure here.

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