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PEAK-System Technik manufactures a wide selection of quality PC-CAN interface products. All major common PC and laptop interface methods are available. CAN products from PEAK are being used in a variety of applications, from automotive to industrial automation, factory control to energy distribution and many more.Talk to Phytools to find the product that is right for you or discuss product customization for OEM integration into your own system.
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PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR (dual CAN) PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR
Our Price: $329.00
PCAN-ExpressCard 34 CAN adapter for ExpressCard/34 Slot PCAN-ExpressCard 34
Our Price: $299.00
PCAN-Optoadapter - CAN Bus Decoupler/Isolator PCAN-Optoadapter
Our Price: $109.00
PCAN-pcCARD CAN-to-pcCARD Interface PCAN-PC Card (1ch/2ch)
Our Price: $259.00
PCAN-RS-232, programmable CAN to RS-232 gateway PCAN-RS-232
Our Price: $175.00
PCAN-USB Adapter CAN-USB Adapter IPEH-002021 PCAN-USB Adapter
Our Price: $225.00
PCAN-USB FD Adapter CAN-USB Interface IPEH-004022 PCAN-USB FD Adapter
Our Price: $299.00
Our Price: $499.00
PCAN-USB Pro Adapter CAN/LIN-to-USB Interface IPEH-002061 PCAN-USB Pro Adapter
Our Price: $675.00
PCAN-USB Pro FD Adapter CAN-USB Interface IPEH-004061 PCAN-USB Pro FD Adapter
Our Price: $559.00
PC to CAN Interface PCAN-USB X6 Adapter
Our Price: $899.00
PCAN-Wireless Gateway - CAN-to-WLAN PCAN-Wireless Gateway
Our Price: $529.00
PCAN-Wireless Gateway DR - CAN to WLAN PCAN-WLAN Gateway DR
Our Price: $459.00